How Installing a Dash Cam May Impact Your Accident Case

Have you ever considered installing a dash cam in your car? It could be hugely beneficial in a car accident case. 

Dashboard cameras, also known as “dash cams,” are small cameras that you attach to your car’s windshield, dashboard, or rear windows. These cameras record continual footage of the road outside your vehicle. If you ever become involved in an accident, they can catch footage of the crash, which can be highly valuable in your accident case. 

Read on to learn how a dash cam can impact your accident case.

Record the Details of the Crash

When car accidents happen, they are often sudden, unexpected, and confusing. You may be unsure exactly how an accident happened, even if you think you are not at fault. Then, when you get out of the car, the other driver may have a different side of the story. 

However, having a dash cam installed in your car can provide detailed evidence of the circumstances surrounding the crash. You can review your dash cam footage to understand the road conditions leading up to the accident. If another car ran a red and hit your vehicle, for example, you may have evidence that your light was green at the time. 

Knowing the details of the crash can help you understand how to proceed with your accident case. 

Provide Accountability

When you have dash cam footage of an accident that is not your fault, you have precious evidence against the at-fault driver. Sometimes, simply saying “I recorded the accident on my dash cam” is enough to get the at-fault driver to admit fault or avoid convoluting the details of the accident. 

Your dash cam can also hold you accountable during the accident and any other time you drive your vehicle. For example, if you know you were talking on the phone before the accident, your dash cam may have saved an audio recording. As a result, you may need to accept partial liability for the case. 

Outside of your accident case, your dash cam can make you a more responsible, focused driver, as you will always know in the back of your mind that your camera is recording your driving habits. 

Prove Liability in an Accident Case 

Finally, your dash cam footage may be what you need to prove that the other driver is liable in a lawsuit. You can use this evidence in your accident claim to convince the responsible driver’s insurance company to give you a full payout. 

The insurance company may try to assign you partial blame in an accident that was 100% their customer’s fault. However, if your video evidence shows all the details surrounding the accident, the insurance company’s stance will not hold up well in court. 

If you’re considering installing a dash camera, now is the time. It could make the difference between getting an accident payout and walking away empty-handed. 

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