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Federal and state laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against a job applicant or employee based on race, religion, sex, and several other protected factors. Workers who have suffered due to workplace or application discrimination may be entitled to legal relief, including compensation.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) works with the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity (GCEO) office to address allegations of illegal workplace discrimination. An EEOC attorney could help ensure all rights are protected and justice is served.

With more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of equal employment opportunity cases, The Leach Firm, P.A. is here to help. We understand how traumatic and hurtful it can be to experience discrimination due to race or other characteristics. That’s why we zealously represent your interests against discriminatory employers and provide legal counsel to pursue action through the EEOC and other appropriate venues.

Fighting for Your Employment Rights in Georgia

When you’ve experienced illegal employment discrimination in Georgia, you deserve justice. The Leach Firm, P.A. works closely with you to ensure that you file the correct paperwork and complaint with the EEOC or GCEO. Our attorneys understand how to succeed with discrimination claims and can help build your case through proper planning and documentation. We can also provide legal counsel about different solutions that might best fit your situation and work to negotiate a resolution.

If you have questions about pursuing a case with the EEOC or need to know whether your case qualifies for legal relief, The Leach Firm, P.A. is here for you. We provide qualified legal advocacy with the knowledge and skill you need to achieve justice after employment discrimination.

FAQs About Georgia EEOC Claims

Here are questions clients frequently ask about EEOC claims and how The Leach Firm, P.A. can assist:

Did I file my EEOC claim correctly?

Sometimes clients file an EEOC claim without legal assistance and wonder whether they filed properly. It can be helpful to ask a lawyer about this situation and how to resolve any errors. Mistakes in an EEOC claim can ruin your chances of success.

Is it possible to fix an improperly filed EEOC claim?

If you are worried about improperly filing an employment discrimination claim with the EEOC or other agency, it is wise to consult a Georgia EEOC lawyer as soon as possible. It is possible to fix a filed EEOC claim and correct any mistakes in many circumstances. An attorney could review the applicable administrative procedures to find the best solution. It is wise to begin working on a claim as soon as possible for the best opportunities to collect evidence to support the charge.

Do I need a lawyer for an EEOC claim?

For many reasons, it can be beneficial to work with an experienced Georgia EEOC attorney when filing a discrimination claim. Too many victims lose their chance to pursue justice by improperly filling out paperwork, missing deadlines, or failing to present the proper legal arguments and evidence to support their claim. A lawyer could help make the most of your case.

How much does an EEOC lawsuit cost?

Most lawyers who handle discrimination claims work on a contingency-fee-basis for EEOC lawsuits, so the lawyer receives a fee only if you win your case. For example, if your lawyer’s contingency fee is 30% and your case settles for $40,000, your lawyer would get $12,000. You should speak with your lawyer upfront about their fee structure and methods of handling other costs. The Leach Firm, P.A. offers free consultations and only works on contingencies, so there are no upfront charges or costs.

Can you sue your employer for discrimination in Georgia?

In most EEOC cases, you must file an administrative claim before you can file a lawsuit for discrimination based on violations of federal law.

It can be helpful to work with an EEOC attorney from the start of the process because much of the same evidence will help support an EEOC claim or claim filed in court.

How do I file an EEOC complaint in Georgia?

When a job discrimination complaint is filed based on federal law, the employee typically files a Charge of Discrimination through the EEOC’s website. The EEOC often requires workers to submit an inquiry and undergo an interview before the worker can file a formal charge. A lawyer can often bypass the interview process and file the charge immediately-- this could save weeks or even months in the process.

Filing a successful EEOC complaint in Georgia requires considerable preparation and a thorough understanding of federal and state anti-discrimination law. It is wise to work with a knowledgeable EEOC attorney to ensure you fulfill all the requirements and present the strongest possible case.

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If you’ve experienced employment discrimination in Georgia, call on The Leach Firm today to learn how we could help you find legal relief. We are happy to provide you with answers and competent legal counsel for your claim, whether it arises under state or federal law. Contact our firm to begin working with one of our qualified EEOC attorneys today.