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  • Can I be fired for filing a case against my employer?
  • If I file a claim, will I have trouble getting another job?
  • Should I file with EEOC before consulting an attorney?
  • How much is my case worth?
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  • Why should I get an attorney?

Whether you are seeking employment or already working for a company, discrimination from employers is a prevalent issue that is all too common in many workplaces. When seeking work, unlawful discrimination typically happens when you meet all the qualifications for the position but are still denied employment by the company.  For workers, discrimination typically comes in the form of biased behavior based on the employees’ race, sexual preferences, or religion. If you feel that you have faced discrimination, then it is essential to seek the services of a skilled discrimination lawyer.

At The Leach Firm, PA, we provide our clients with the representation they need while dealing with their discrimination cases. Our attorneys have experience dealing with a whole host of discrimination cases and place particular focus on the following types:

Fighting for Your Rights

By seeking out the services of our pregnancy discrimination attorney, you can trust that our firm will adamantly work to defend your rights. With our comprehensive representation, we will build a solid case for you to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the legal proceedings. So, when you need the support of a dedicated employment discrimination lawyer, rely on our firm for the legal services you require.