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Falling prey to illness or caring for a loved one in need is hard enough without worrying about having a job when it’s over. The United States passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 to help alleviate that worry. Sometimes, employers unwittingly violate the act in their treatment of employees who take an extended leave of absence. The FMLA guarantees that employees who meet the qualifications can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per 12 month period to deal with family or medical issues. 

FMLA covers the time taken to deal with personal illness or care for an immediate family member. It also covers any unpaid leave a mother takes because of difficulties occurring before, during, or after childbirth. A father is also eligible for FMLA protections if he helps care for the mother or infant during this time. It can also cover Covid-19 illnesses as well. 

If your employer has tried to make you use paid leave before allowing you to use FMLA, or has fired or retaliated against you for taking the leave to which you are entitled, you need a lawyer right now. Employers are not allowed to penalize employees for taking FMLA leave due to sickness or injury occurring to themselves or anyone in their immediate family. After taking that leave, you must be allowed to return to your old position without losing any part of your salary or benefits. If your old job is no longer available, they must offer you a position that is fully equivalent to your old one.

We Pursue Action Against Employers Who Violate Your FMLA Rights

If your employer has punished you in any way for exercising your rights under FMLA, we can assist you in getting justice. You may be eligible for damages, in addition to having your position reinstated. Damages can include amounts to replace lost salary and restitution for emotional distress, loss of benefits, losing insurance coverage, and other harm resulting from the employer’s actions. We may even be able to make the employer pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

Call on a FMLA Lawyer in Florida and Georgia

If you believe that your employer has taken unlawful action against you for using your FMLA rights, call the experienced lawyers at The Leach Firm, PA. We can help you recoup damages and take legal action designed to force your employer to make things right. Don’t try to handle this alone. Talk to an experienced FMLA attorney today by contacting us at (844) 722-7567 for a free case evaluation.