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Accidents that occur in the workplace can be a significant legal headache. Fortunately, Florida law provides legal accident coverage for victims by ensuring they receive compensation for any injuries and losses that have been caused by the negligence of others. Florida law also offers income and medical benefits to those who have been injured in the workplace, regardless of who was at fault. This law is known as workers’ compensation. When you hire The Leach Firm, P.A., to represent your legal interests, you can count on our experience of over 15 years in the field of accident and injury litigation. Our workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, FL, is here to guide you through the complicated process involved with workers’ compensation laws. As an injured worker in Orlando, FL, or the surrounding areas, you deserve service from a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who will fight for the benefits to which you’re entitled.



Q: What is workers compensation?
A: Workers compensation is a state-regulated system that provides medical and lost wage benefits designed to help you if you are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness. There are no pain and suffering benefits under the Florida Workers Compensation Statute.

Q: What benefits do I receive from workers compensation?
A: If it is determined that your work-related injury is compensable under Florida workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to receive medical and wage loss benefits. You could receive a portion of your lost earnings for the time you miss from work because of your work-related injury or illness. Also, workers compensation pays the medical bills associated with treatment for your injury.

Q: Do I receive pain and suffering?
A: There is no pain and suffering in workers compensation. You are only entitled to medical care and lost wages if you are unable to work due to the work injury.

Q: When do I tell my supervisor about an accident at work?
A: No matter how minor, it is imperative that you inform your supervisor right away from the accident. You may not feel hurt right after the accident, or you may be embarrassed, but if you do not notify your supervisor within 30 days of the accident, your claim could be denied.

Q: Where do I get initial medical treatment?
A: After notifying your employer of the accident, go to the doctor chosen by your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.


Q: Who pays my medical bills?
A: All authorized medical bills should be paid by the insurance company.

Q: What do I do if I receive a bill from my doctor?
A: Submit the bill to the insurance company for payment.

Q: Can I see my own doctor or change the doctor I am treating with?
A: In Florida, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will dictate who you can treat with for your work accident injuries. You are entitled to a one time change during the course of your injury; however, the insurance carrier will choose your one-time change as well.

Q: Can I get treatment without prior approval from the insurance carrier?
A: You must obtain prior approval for treatment; otherwise, the insurance carrier may not pay the bill.

Q: Where can I fill my prescriptions?
A: you can select the pharmacy of your choice.


Q: Will I get paid during the time I miss from work?
A: As long as the missed time from work is related to your work accident, you will receive lost wages from the insurance carrier. However, you are not paid for the first seven (7) days of disability unless your lost time exceeds 21 days. Once you have been disabled for 21 days, you will get paid for the first seven (7) days by the insurance company.

Q: When will I get paid for lost wages?
A: You should get your first check within 21 days after reporting your injury to the employer. Thereafter, most insurance companies will pay bi-weekly.

Q: How much will I get paid for lost wages?
A: Your check is based on 66 2/3 percent of your average weekly wage (AWW). The insurance carrier will calculate your average weekly wage by averaging your earnings for the 13 weeks prior to the accident, not counting the week you were injured.

Q: Do I need to pay income taxes on the lost wage benefits?
A: No.

Q: When do I return to work?
A: Once your doctor releases you to go back to work within restrictions and your employer has a job within those restrictions.

Q: What happens when I return to work?
A: Your employer may return you to your current job if your doctor releases you to return to work without any medical restrictions. If you are given medical restrictions by your doctor, you should contact your employer to determine if there is a job available within your medical restrictions until a doctor releases you to work without restrictions.

Q: What happens if I return to work, but I am not making my pre-accident wages?
A: Once you return to work under restrictions, the workers’ compensation carrier should pay you the difference from 80% of the average weekly wage and your earnings. This is a set formula as follows: 80% of your average weekly wage minus your earnings multiplied by 80% equals the amount you are entitled to for lost wages.

Q: What will happen if I re-injure myself when I return to work?
A: You should immediately let your employer know of your re-injury and report back to your doctor.

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