Personal Injury Lawyer in Apopka, FL- Premises Liability

The owners, operators, and managers of premises or property have a legal responsibility to maintain that property and to protect others from dangers or unsafe conditions on that property. If an accident occurs on another person’s property, the owner, operator, or manager may be responsible if his or her negligence caused the injury. In these types of cases, the injured person may have a right to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages in the past, and for future pain and suffering. There are a variety of premises liability cases, and the applicable Florida law governing premises liability lawsuits depends on the specific facts of each case. Our personal injury lawyer in Orlando, FL, Carlos Leach, can help you navigate your legal needs to fight for your rights.

Some of the most common premises liability cases include the following:

  • Attractive nuisance cases that involve holding a landowner liable for hidden traps or defects on a property that the landowner knew about or should have known about and that typically attract children. For example, landowners may be legally responsible for injuries caused by abandoned buildings, trampolines, pools, and playgrounds.
  • Slip and fall accidents that involve slipping or tripping on a substance or an object.
  • Fraternity or sorority accidents/hazing incidents
  • Negligent security cases that involve assault and battery in parking garages, parking lots, hotels, or other businesses.
  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous substances such as lead or mold.
  • Construction or job-site accidents

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