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Employers are prohibited by federal law from discriminating against workers on the basis of pregnancy, so long as an employee is capable of performing the regular functions that are required by the job. Additionally, Atlanta ordinances prohibit discrimination based on parental status and familial status, as well as domestic relationship status.

If you have been treated unfairly by your employer because you are expecting or already have a child, you may be eligible for legal remedies including compensation. In addition, if your co-workers or others in the workplace have subjected you to harassment based on pregnancy or family issues, you may also have a claim for legal relief. An experienced pregnancy discrimination lawyer at The Leach Firm, P.A. could review the facts of your situation and explain your legal options.

Ending Pregnancy Discrimination in Your Workplace

Under the U.S. Pregnancy Discrimination Act, workers affected by pregnancy or any of its accompanying conditions must be treated in the same manner as fellow employees or job applicants that have the same abilities and limitations. Provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act also offer protections for pregnant workers.

Employers may not discriminate in matters such as:

  • Salary
  • Promotions
  • Layoffs and termination
  • Benefits
  • Leave requests
  • Job assignment

In addition, employers must allow pregnant employees to work if they are able to perform their duties. For instance, if a temporary medical condition causes a pregnant employee to take leave, the employer cannot require the employee to remain on leave until after the child’s birth. Similarly, employers cannot require an employee to stay home for a certain amount of time after childbirth.

Pregnant Workers in Atlanta Deserve Appropriate Treatment

If pregnancy temporarily prevents you from performing your job, then your employer must treat you in the same way they treat other disabled employees. For instance, they might offer lighter workloads, modified tasks, alternative assignments, disability leave, maternity pay, or leave without pay.

In cases where these accommodations are not made or you were otherwise treated improperly by an employer because of pregnancy or family conditions, an Atlanta pregnancy discrimination lawyer could assist with seeking administrative remedies or filing a lawsuit for appropriate relief.

Employers, co-workers, and clients can discriminate against pregnant workers in a number of ways. In addition to issues concerning job performance, a failure to accommodate impairments resulting from pregnancy may be considered a type of discrimination that could be eligible for compensation. If you feel you have been the victim of maternity leave discrimination, our employment discrimination lawyer could offer you the legal solutions you need. 

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