The Orlando, FL, Overtime Wage Attorney Who Values Your Labor

When you’re eligible to receive pay for work outside your normal schedule, you should absolutely receive those payments. When this doesn’t happen, your legal rights as an employee may have been violated, and you could qualify for compensation. The Leach Firm, PA, brings over 50 years of combined litigation experience to every case.

Once our employment law attorney determines your overtime eligibility, we work toward an agreeable outcome based on your circumstances. Since overtime laws are easily broken, it’s important to ensure that your employer remains accountable. Contact us to schedule a free comprehensive consultation in English or Spanish. Our attorney devotes the attention required to handle your case and ensure the best results possible. Whether you need an employment discrimination or unpaid wages lawyer, you can count on our firm to be there for you.

Recover Your Lost Wages with Services from Our Skilled Lawyer

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law established to protect Florida workers against wage theft. Our professionals carefully study your case to determine whether your employer has violated this act. If they have, we work hard to resolve the problem with proper compensation for your lost wages.

Our legal staff is by your side through every step to help you receive the wages you deserve, and we never charge any legal fees until that happens. We also offer representation for situations involving off-the-clock work, so you won’t ever be cheated out of rightful earnings. Call The Leach Firm, PA, to start building your case.