Slip and Fall Attorney Fights for Your Recovery in Florida and Georgia

If you fell and hurt yourself while you were on someone else’s property, you might be eligible to receive compensation to make up for your pain, suffering, and other losses. However, it is important to take steps to protect your rights and your ability to recover legal damages.

It is a good idea to get advice from a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney before answering investigators’ questions or talking to insurance companies. A personal injury lawyer who understands premises liability laws in Georgia and Florida could review the circumstances of your case, determine who could be held liable, and fight to get you fair compensation.

What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Attorneys often refer to a slip and fall accident when someone is injured in a fall caused by a dangerous condition on another person’s property. The classic example of a slip and fall accident is a situation where a shopper slips on a spill that a grocery store owner failed to clean up. However, slip and fall cases can involve accidents outside as well as indoors, and may involve property that is not generally open to the public, such as your neighbor’s home or backyard. A property owner may be held responsible for harm caused by virtually any hazard on their property if the owner is negligent in handling the problem area.

How Common are Slip and Fall Accidents?

People suffer injuries in slip and fall accidents every day. In many cases, the injuries are so minor that the victim does not take legal action and may not even report the injury or the dangerous condition that caused it. However, serious injuries from slip and fall accidents occur more often than most people realize.

How Do You Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall?

To prove that a property owner was negligent and should be held responsible for injuries that occurred on their property, a slip and fall victim needs to satisfy certain legal standards. They must show that the property owner failed to provide appropriate protections to prevent harm to people on their premises and that the failure to protect was the direct cause of injuries. The level of protection required is different depending on the situation. For instance, a property owner who invites shoppers onto the premises to spend money is expected to inspect for tripping hazards and other problems periodically and to warn shoppers or correct the issue with reasonable speed. However, the owner is not required to provide the same level of care to protect someone who breaks in after hours to trespass.

Are Slip and Fall Cases Hard to Win?

Slip and fall injuries are quite common, yet victims do not often receive compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering, time missed from work, and other losses. It can be challenging to win a slip and fall case unless the accident victim takes the right steps to collect and preserve evidence to establish liability on the part of the property owner. It is best to gather evidence as soon as possible after the accident, and an experienced attorney can help with that process. A slip and fall lawyer might, for instance, make a formal request to obtain surveillance footage before it can be erased.

A Slip and Fall Attorney Could Help You Recover After Your Accident in Florida or Georgia

The slip and fall lawyers at the Leach Firm, PA can help collect and preserve evidence after an accident and assist with answering questions from investigators who will be looking for reasons to deny liability. Our dedicated legal team understands how to stand up to insurance companies and make the most of your claim. For a free consultation to learn more about how we may be able to help you recover after a slip and fall accident, contact us now.

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