Millions of people use ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, especially in tourist states like Florida and Georgia. As with most other activities involving automobiles, this has unfortunately resulted in accidents. While being involved in any sort of automobile accident or injury is a traumatic experience, it’s important to consider your legal options to pursue compensation for your injuries. In fact, hiring an attorney can go a long way to helping you heal and make up for lost wages, medical fees, and other costs.

The Leach Firm, P.A. helps clients who have experienced an Uber or Lyft accident in Florida or Georgia. If your driver was negligent or careless, we may be able to help hold them accountable for the crash and make a claim against their insurer. If you were in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver due to another driver’s negligence, we may be able to help you obtain compensation against the at-fault driver. With more than 50 years of combined experience, The Leach Firm, P.A. can provide the legal care, counsel, and support you need to heal from your injuries. 

Holding Uber and Lyft Drivers Responsible for Your Accident

Just like other motorists, Uber and Lyft drivers are generally required to carry insurance on their vehicle. In addition, Uber and Lfyt carry their own insurance as well. Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can help discover who is responsible for your injuries and who should be held accountable for your expenses. We assist clients who have suffered injuries such as spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death, deep cuts, lacerations, or bruising, burns, broken bones, and other harm resulting from their Uber and Lyft accident. 

With experienced legal counsel and advocacy, our firm helps clients win compensation for their lost wages, medical fees, pain and suffering, vehicle damage, and other applicable losses. We’ve helped clients of all ages and backgrounds get justice for their Uber or Lyft accident. Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys treat your case with the empathy and compassion it deserves as we fight for you and your family.

Call on an Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer in Florida and Georgia

You shouldn’t have to deal with injuries from an Uber or Lyft accident alone. By calling on one of our attorneys today at (844) 722-7567, you can save yourself time, additional stress, and legal fees as you pursue justice for your accident. We prioritize healing for you and your family after an accident and will work to keep your case moving forward toward your best-case resolution.

To get help with an Uber or Lyft accident today, contact the lawyers of The Leach Firm, P.A. We are proud to offer personal injury and accident services to victims and their families. Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers serve the states of Florida and Georgia and will gladly answer any questions you may have. To get started, simply call our office at (844) 722-7567. We look forward to serving you.