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The state of Georgia and the federal government mandate the fair payment of wages through laws, regulations, and requirements. If you feel your employer has not paid you fully for your work and is breaking the law, we encourage you to talk to our unpaid wages lawyer in Georgia to find out if we can help you gain fair compensation. Our experienced attorneys can determine whether your employer violated federal or state laws and build a solid case to reach productive solutions.

Employees suffer from unpaid wages due to many causes. Sometimes employers fail to pay overtime wages when they should. Other times, employers do not compensate workers at the legal rate or require them to perform work off-the-clock. Occasionally, unpaid wage cases involve employees who have not received fair compensation for break periods. While there are many ways workers lose out due to unpaid wages in Georgia, in all cases, these losses are unfair, and the workers deserve to receive the remedies allowed by law.

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If you need an employment law attorney in Georgia to help you recover unpaid wages, we can help find effective solutions for legal needs. We can assist you in obtaining fair treatment after suffering employment discrimination, harassment, or other illegal treatment in the workplace. Contact the experienced team at The Leach Firm, P.A. today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.