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A severance agreement is a type of contract an employer may offer a terminated employee. Often, such an agreement gives the employee a lump sum in compensation and other benefits, while the employee commits to waiving any legal claims against the employer.

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What Does a Severance Agreement Include?

Both Florida and Georgia are at-will employment states. This means that, barring unlawful reasons or contract limitations, an employer can legally fire any worker at any time without giving a reason or providing advance notice.

Nevertheless, many employers offer severance packages to protect their company's reputation and avoid lawsuits.

While every agreement is unique, many severance agreements include:

  • Monetary compensation, like paying the employee’s salary for several months after termination
  • Compensation for unused vacation or sick leave
  • A price offer for any company stock the employee holds
  • Continued payment of health, vision, and dental insurance for a fixed period
  • Retirement benefits
  • A non-disparagement clause, which means that the employee commits to saying nothing negative about the company management, services, products, etc.
  • A non-compete clause, which typically restricts the worker from seeking a position with their former employer’s competitors
  • Confidentiality and breach-of-contract clauses

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer Before Signing a Severance Agreement

Even if the proposed agreement seems reasonable, it is vital to consult a severance agreement lawyer before you sign any legally binding contract.

A severance agreement attorney may:

  • Negotiate a higher amount of compensation on your behalf
  • Verify that you receive full reimbursement for unused vacation time and work-related expenses
  • Make sure that any waivers of claims and non-disparagement clauses are mutual—i.e., that both you and your employer agree not to act against one another
  • Warn you against excessively restrictive non-compete clauses that may limit your future employment options
  • Explain which actions may constitute a breach of contract

Why Work With Us at The Leach Firm?

Here is why employees are choosing our team at The Leach Firm to revise and negotiate their severance agreements:

  • Our experience. Our extensive knowledge of employment law helps us negotiate favorable severance agreements for Florida and Georgia workers.
  • Our proactive representation. We will use all our legal skills to achieve an optimal severance package for you.
  • Our personal approach. We will dig deep into your case and do everything to promote your interests.
  • Our full transparency. With The Leach Firm, you will know your prospects. We help clients avoid unrealistic expectations or rash measures.
  • Our outstanding service. We give speedy legal counsel and answer all your questions.
  • Our fee arrangement.  We work on contingency fee agreements. There is no charge unless we recover additional money for you. 

The Leach Firm, P.A.: Severance Agreement Lawyers Serving Florida and Georgia

Getting fired is a stressful event, but a suitable severance agreement can protect your rights and offer monetary benefits that will help you start over. Before you accept a severance package, contact us at The Leach Firm. We have helped many employees in Florida and Georgia negotiate better severance terms.

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