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Employers are legally prohibited from refusing to hire women because of pregnancy-related conditions, so long as the employee is capable of performing the regular functions that are required by her job. Employer prejudice against pregnant employees or job applicants is not the only factor that is involved in situations concerning pregnancy discrimination. This issue is also related to the prejudices of co-workers, clients, and customers toward pregnant workers.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, our legal staff has gained a great deal of litigation experience in the field, and we are proud to represent all our local clients by providing the personal attention they require.

Another United States labor law concerning pregnant women and those with medical conditions requiring extensive work leave is the Family and Medical Leave Act or 1993, also known as the “FMLA”. Discrimination in Florida and Georgia against those who are protected by these laws is illegal, so you may be entitled to compensation if your employer, coworkers, or clients have discriminated against you for your pregnancy or medical conditions. When you have any questions about this process, turn to The Leach Firm, P.A. to receive a free consultation from our skilled lawyer.

Putting an End to Pregnancy Discrimination in Your Workplace

According to the PDA amendment, women affected by pregnancy or any of its accompanying conditions must be treated in the same manner as their fellow employees or job applicants concerning their ability or inability to perform their work. Employers are therefore prohibited from singling out pregnancy-related conditions when it comes to approving medical clearance procedures. These procedures must be upheld in the same way as other employees’ conditions, and they may relate to employees taking pregnancy leave or receiving sick pay for time off. If you have questions about how much compensation you are entitled to after pregnancy discrimination, click here.

Receive the Treatment You Deserve during Your Pregnancy

If your pregnancy temporarily prevents you from performing your job, then your employer must treat you in the same way that other disabled employees are treated. This includes giving you lighter workloads, modified tasks, alternative assignments, disability leave, maternity pay, or leave without pay. In cases where these accommodations are not made – or if you are not treated properly by your employer – our attorney will gladly represent your case. With more than 75 years of combined experience, our legal staff has gained a great deal of litigation experience in the field, and we are proud to represent all of our local clients by providing the personal attention they require.

Employers, co-workers, and clients can discriminate against pregnant women in a number of ways. In addition to issues concerning job performance, a failure to accommodate impairments resulting from pregnancy may be considered a type of discrimination that could be eligible for compensation. If you feel you have been the victim of maternity leave discrimination, look to our employment discrimination lawyer to offer you the legal solutions you need. We never charge you any fees unless we recover the compensation to which you’re entitled, so you’ll only pay for representation if we are successful.


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