How Much Is My Case Worth?

If you are considering a wrongful termination lawsuit, a big question on your mind is probably, “How much is my case worth?” Many factors go into determining that answer.

After an experienced attorney has reviewed all the issues involved in your case, your legal advisor should be able to provide some estimates of the value of your claim. Understanding the factors that affect a wrongful termination case can help give you some idea of what to expect.

Looking at Damage Awards

If you are able to prove that your termination violated the law, you could receive different forms of relief depending on how you pursue your claim. You might be reinstated with a promotion. That would be a form of specific relief. 

In many cases, workers who are wrongfully terminated receive compensation referred to as damages. A damage award is meant to make up for all the ways you have suffered because of your wrongful discharge.  

Factors Affecting Wrongful Termination Claim Values  

When you file a wrongful termination lawsuit, your attorney should seek compensation for each specific loss incurred due to the unlawful termination. When you total the value of each specific loss, that gives you an estimate of  the full value of your claim. 

Many workers can receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages: The money they lost due to no longer having a job, minus any unemployment benefits received. Your salary level will have a big impact on the value of this component of your claim.
  • Loss of benefits: The value of any employee benefits lost due to the termination, such as health insurance or lost stock options
  • Emotional distress: The psychological anguish caused by the wrongful termination
  • Medical expenses: These could be expenses you had to cover because your unlawful termination caused you to lose health insurance as well as expenses stemming from the emotional anguish you experienced from the termination.
  • Attorneys fees and other expenses: Your costs for holding the employer accountable under the law 

The value of some factors, such as medical expenses, are easier to calculate than others, such as intangible factors like emotional distress. Your attorney can help you calculate the compensation you should seek based on legal precedent from similar cases. 

You may also decide to seek specific relief in addition to financial compensation. For example, you may request to get your job back, receive a promotion, or change your employment contract. 

Wrongful Termination Settlement vs. Lawsuit

Whether you seek to resolve a claim through negotiation or file a lawsuit in court, your wrongful termination case is likely to settle out of court. Settling the case allows both parties to reach an agreement on their own instead of waiting for a judge or jury to decide for them. 

An experienced employment lawyer can evaluate settlement offers you receive to determine whether they provide fair value for your losses. Generally, an employer will not offer a fair settlement amount unless your attorney convinces them that you would be able to win your case in court.  

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