Can I Be Fired for Filing a Case Against My Employer in Florida?

If you search for “fired for filing a case against my employer,” you’ll find many instances of workers around the country dealing with wrongful termination. Given how prevalent this problem is, employees need legal recourse.

An experienced unpaid wages lawyer may be able to help you recover the money you’ve earned and fight back against employers who withhold regular wages and overtime pay. Let’s look at what constitutes wrongful termination in Florida, whether you have grounds to sue, and more.

What Is Wrongful Termination in the State of Florida?

Florida employers can legally terminate any of their employees on reasonable grounds. Even so, the law protects Florida workers from termination due to discrimination.

Discrimination can come in many forms, from age and race discrimination to sexual harassment and whistleblower retaliation. If your employer fired you after you disputed unpaid wages or unpaid overtime, you might have a case for wrongful termination.

Is Not Paying Overtime Illegal?

Yes. Employers in Florida must pay their employees all earned wages. They cannot withhold overtime under any circumstances, whether for punitive reasons or to cut costs.

An unpaid wages lawyer will help you collect evidence and build your case against your current or former employer.

Do I Have Grounds To Sue?

If your employer withheld any wages or overtime pay, you have grounds to bring a suit against that employer. If you feel your employer retaliated against you after presenting them with an unpaid wages demand letter, it is likely within your rights to sue.

If you feel your employer discriminated against and/or wrongfully terminated you, you may have grounds to sue. In any case, you should document all evidence and speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

What’s the Average Settlement for Unpaid Wages?

Should you win your case, at minimum, you’re entitled to the total of all unpaid wages. If your employer paid you your regular rate for overtime hours, you might also receive the difference between these two rates to compensate for those lost wages.  In addition, you could be awarded “liquidated damages” or an amount equal to your regular damages.  Last, the employer will have to pay your attorney’s fees and costs in addition to your damages.

Unpaid Wages Claim Time Limit

Both Florida and Georgia have a 2-year statute of limitations on unpaid wage cases.  Federal law also has a 2-year statute of limitations for unpaid overtime cases (3 years for willful violations).  

The Leach Firm in GA and FL Can Help

Given how many results come up when you search for “fired for filing a case against my employer,” it’s clear that wrongful termination is a widespread problem. The Leach Firm in Georgia and Florida can help.

If your employer has denied you overtime or any other wages you earned, you should know that you have options. Our unpaid wages attorneys have 50+ years of combined experience representing clients in cases like yours. Contact The Leach Firm in GA and FL at (844) 722-7567 and start building your case today.