How Deadly Is I-4 for Driving in Central Florida?

I-4 is a popular road to travel in central Florida, but it is also known as the most dangerous highway in the country. The 132-mile interstate has had more than 165 deaths in the past six years according to the Fatal Accident Reporting System. In 2015 and 2016 alone, there were 58 fatal crashes on I-4 in central Florida.

I-4 should be considered a threat to all drivers, young and old. Read on to learn more about just how dangerous I-4 is for automobile, truck, and motorcycle drivers alike.

Why is I-4 so dangerous?

 I-4 has been around for decades—since the 1950s, in fact. From the moment I-4 was built, the need for expansion kept growing. In 1956, major expansion occurred on the highway as American families flooded central Florida in search of warm weather and tourist attractions.

And the expansion hasn’t stopped. When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, central Florida became one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Tourists began flocking to the park, using I-4 to travel across the state.

Since then, I-4 has continued to grow. By 1990, hundreds of people were moving to Florida and using I-4 for their daily lives, commingling with thousands of tourists on a daily basis. But with a great many automobiles comes a great risk to drivers everywhere.

The most dangerous parts of I-4

GPS tracking company Teletrac Navman conducted a study to determine the most dangerous parts of I-4. They named several “hot zones” along the miles-long stretch, including:

  • Areas near Tampa, especially Florida State Fairgrounds and the Seminole Hard Rock Casino
  • Lakeland to Disney World
  • Areas near Plant City

The study showed that among 503 crashes that took place on a small stretch of I-4, most occurred during business hours. Friday is the worst day to travel, and August and April are the most popular months for crashes.

It also reported that accidents are more common with more on-off exits and decreased lane numbers in high-traffic areas.

How to stay safe on I-4

There are plenty of steps you can take to help ensure that your automobile doesn’t fall victim to a crash on I-4. You can:

  • Plan ahead, keeping an eye on traffic conditions and road closures
  • Apply good driving practices, such as avoiding tailgating and using defensive driving
  • Reduce distractions, including cell phone use, the radio, and other things that take your attention away from the road
  • Obey the law and know the speed limit
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destinations so you don’t feel rushed

By practicing these safety measures, you can greatly decrease your chances of being involved in a crash on I-4.

What to do if you get in a crash on I-4 in central Florida

Even with the appropriate precautions, some crashes on I-4 are unavoidable. If you find yourself injured by a negligent or distracted driver on I-4 in central Florida, you should call on a Florida lawyer to learn about your options.

The Leach Firm, PA helps drivers who have been injured on I-4 in central Florida. Whether you own an automobile, truck, or motorcycle, we fight for the compensation you deserve and work for your best interests. To get started with our firm, contact our office at (844) 722-7567.