Unpaid Wages in Georgia FAQs

What can I do If my Georgia employer didn’t pay me?

You will need to determine how much you are owed and the best means of recovery. An experienced unpaid wages lawyer in Georgia can review your situation and calculate the types of unpaid wages you are owed and the value of your claim. Then your attorney can review the options available for recovering your unpaid wages and help you pursue the best course of action.

So if you believe your employer has not paid you fairly for hours worked, overtime, short breaks, or other money owed, it is a good idea to gather your evidence and consult an experienced employment law attorney who handles claims in your area.

I never received wages for my leave. What can I do?

Employers are generally not required to provide paid leave, but many choose to do so to attract the best employees. Their choice to provide paid leave creates an obligation, and when they breach their contractual duties, workers have options to seek relief. These options include filing lawsuits in court, or sometimes filing administrative complaints.

If you have not been paid for leave, you should collect evidence to support your claim, such as pay stubs, employee policy manuals, and other documentation. An attorney could help you find and preserve evidence, calculate the value of your losses, and pursue the remedy best calculated to provide maximum compensation.

Can I still get my wages after I was fired?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay remaining wages and other amounts due on the next regularly scheduled payday. This requirement applies to employees who leave on their own as well as those who are terminated by the company.

The final paycheck should include wages from the most recent pay period, compensation for unused paid leave, and other compensation such as commission and bonuses. You earned that compensation and your employer cannot deny your wages even they fired you for conduct they did not approve of.

If the employer insists that you need to return company equipment or uniforms, that does not give them the right to delay your final paycheck. However, they can discontinue direct deposit or other payment methods and require you to pick up a check at a business location.

How do I get the unpaid wages?

For many employees in Georgia, the best options to recover unpaid wages involve filing a lawsuit or filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor. Your attorney can review the benefits and drawbacks of each approach based on your particular situation and help you determine the right strategy to recover the wages you are entitled to, plus any additional amounts that may be owed if your employer committed deliberate wrongdoing.

Remember that your unpaid wages can include amounts from a variety of sources including short breaks that should have been compensated, work performed before or after clocking in, unpaid overtime, or failure to pay minimum wage. The best way to ensure that you receive all the amounts you are owed is to consult a knowledgeable unpaid wages attorney with experience helping workers recover full compensation.