Construction Accident Lawyer in Deltona, FL

Life on a construction site in Deltona, Florida, can be risky, with accidents occurring all too often. Working with heavy machinery, navigating high structures, and dealing with hazardous materials are part and parcel of a construction worker’s daily tasks. Despite strict regulations and safety protocols, accidents happen. When they do, The Leach Firm, P.A. is here to help. We believe in seeking justice for our clients and helping them get the compensation they deserve.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Florida

While any workplace can be prone to accidents, construction sites are uniquely hazardous. Common types of accidents include falls from heights, electrocutions, getting struck by an object, or being caught between objects. Such incidents can lead to severe, sometimes life-altering injuries. As your Deltona, Florida construction accident lawyer, we’ll help you understand your rights and guide you through the process of securing the compensation you need to recover.

The Complexities of Construction Accident Cases

Construction accident cases can be complex due to the involvement of multiple parties – employers, co-workers, equipment manufacturers, and property owners. It’s crucial to accurately identify the responsible parties to ensure fair compensation. With experience in handling personal injury cases in Deltona, Florida, we can help navigate these complexities and put forward a strong case for your compensation.

Workers’ Compensation vs Personal Injury Claim

If you’re injured on a construction site, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. This provides a safety net for injured workers, covering medical expenses and partial wages. However, if the accident was due to someone else’s negligence, you might also have a personal injury claim. This can potentially offer broader compensation, including for pain and suffering. Understanding the nuances can be challenging, but we’re here to help.

Your Partner in Seeking Justice

At The Leach Firm, P.A., we have served the people of Florida and Georgia since 2004 in fights against workplace discrimination, personal injury, and worker’s compensation cases. We fight aggressively against workplace negligence and want to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

If you have been injured in a construction accident in Deltona, Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call us at The Leach Firm at 844-722-7567 or contact us online to get a free case evaluation with a construction accident lawyer in Florida. We’re ready to stand with you in your fight for justice.