Why Should I Get an Employment Attorney?

Are you experiencing difficulties in your workplace and wondering, “Why should I get an employment attorney?” At The Leach Firm, we have the answer. An employment attorney can help you understand employment laws, stand up for your rights as an employee, and pursue unpaid wages.

What Is an Employment Attorney?

Employment attorneys deal with the legal aspects of employment. They help you stay safe and exercise your rights in the workplace, protecting you from employment issues like wrongful termination and discrimination. These attorneys ensure that you know your rights as an employee.

Employers cannot do whatever whenever simply because they sign your paycheck. A slew of labor laws protects you as an employee. With an employment attorney, you can receive guidance on the following:

  • Employment questions, such as “Is not paying overtime illegal?”
  • Drafting an unpaid wages demand letter
  • Appropriate compensation for workplace discrimination
  • Handling sexual harassment cases

When Should You Get an Employment Attorney?

Many employees experience poor work environments and may not be sure if the situation is bad enough to warrant calling a lawyer. Instead of waiting, seek advice from an employment attorney as soon as you think something is wrong and your employer won’t do anything to fix it.

Are you wondering, “Why should I get an employment attorney?” Your employer may deliberately or unknowingly violate laws that govern your employment, and you’ll want to know. Employment attorneys and unpaid wages lawyers can help you navigate many frustrating and stressful job scenarios.

Wrongful Termination

If you work under an “at-will” employment contract, your employer may fire you with or without cause. However, several employee protections still apply. If your employer breached the work contract and fired you unlawfully, an employment attorney can help.

Employment Discrimination

No employee should ever face discrimination at their job. Workplace discrimination isn’t always overt and can take several forms:

  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Religious discrimination

Discrimination violates federal and state laws, and you shouldn’t let it go unaddressed. If you’ve experienced employment discrimination, contact the employment attorneys at The Leach Firm to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Employer Retaliation

Specific laws govern your rights and your employer’s limitations. If your employer retaliates against you in the workplace, you should consider taking legal action. An employment attorney can help you understand your situation and determine the best way to proceed.

Hours and Wages

Many employees face too much work with too little or even withheld pay. An employment attorney knows the average settlement for unpaid wages, laws concerning unpaid overtime, and the unpaid wages claim time limit.

Stay Protected by Getting an Employment Attorney Today!

At The Leach Firm, we help employees like you stay protected and exercise their rights in the workplace. We provide legal guidance so that you can better understand employment laws and navigate difficult job situations, like discrimination, retaliation, and unpaid wages.

Are you facing employment issues and wondering, “Why should I get an employment attorney?” An employment attorney can help you evaluate your legal options and stand up for your workplace rights. Call The Leach Firm at (844) 722-7567 to schedule your free consultation today!