If I File a Claim, Will I Have Trouble Getting Another Job?

Are you considering filing a wrongful termination claim but worried it might affect your future career? Look no further.

At The Leach Firm, our experienced wrongful termination attorneys want to help protect your rights as a United States worker and ensure that no employers take advantage of you. We provide a personalized attorney-client relationship for anyone who needs our legal services in Atlanta, Georgia, or Orlando, Florida.

Continue reading to learn about your future employment options if you file a wrongful termination claim.

Grounds for a Wrongful Termination Claim

Wrongful termination claims are legal processes that you can file if you feel that your employer terminated your position for an unlawful reason.

Florida and Georgia state laws honor terminated employee rights for the following scenarios:

  • A breach in your employment contract: Your employer did not adhere to your agreed-upon contract.
  • Discrimination: You were let go because of your age, sex, race, nationality, marital status, pregnancy, religion, or disability.
  • Discrimination refusal or reports: Your employer discharged you for reporting discriminatory acts or refusing to partake in them.
  • Unpaid overtime: Your employer chose to terminate you rather than pay back your unpaid wages at the specified overtime rate.
  • Filing claims: Your employer let you go for worker’s compensation, disability, or bereavement leave reasons.
  • Negative testimonials: You testified against your employer, adhering to federal law, and your employer responded with a wrongful discharge.

Can You Return to Your Old Job After Filing a Wrongful Termination Claim?

When you file a wrongful termination claim and win, you can seek back pay for the time you were gone, penalty compensation, and punitive damages. Most importantly, you can fight for job reinstatement. Sometimes, your company might even choose to fire the person who wrongfully let you go.

If our legal team analyzes your case and cannot find enough valid proof for unlawful actions, we can also consider negotiating severance pay.

Finding a New Job After Filing a Claim

Often, you may feel uncomfortable returning to your old position after dealing with the lengthy legal process. Luckily, you should not have trouble finding a new job after filing a successful wrongful termination claim.

Typically, future employers would see a termination on your resume as negative. By winning a wrongful termination lawsuit, you can erase this mark and prove that you are an exceptional employee.

Wrongful Termination Evidence

Florida and Georgia are “at-will” states, meaning that employers can hire, fire, promote, demote, or discipline workers however they please within the boundaries outlined above.

Your employer does not need any reason to terminate your position, so proving that they acted unlawfully can be challenging. An experienced attorney can help you collect evidence and witnesses to support your case.

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