Safety Tips: Riding a Bicycle

personal injury lawyer orlando flWhen it comes to riding a bicycle, whether you are going on a joy ride in the park or racing in a triathlon, it is always important to partake in safety precautions for yourself and others. At The Leach Firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients fight for their rights and receive the just compensation they deserve if they become injured in a bicycle accident. Below we offer bicycle safety tips that should be followed at all times.

  • Always wear a helmet every time you ride your bike. A helmet is a simple addition to your outfit that could save your life.
  • Similar to driving a car, it is vital you obey all traffic laws, road signs, and traffic lights.
  • In order to be visible to other drivers on the road, always wear reflective gear at night and ride in the designated bike lanes.
  • Always assume drivers do not see you. We recommend using hand signals and making eye contact with drivers to help keep you safe on the road when turning.
  • Ride with the flow of traffic and always travel in the same direction as vehicles.
  • We recommend regularly checking your bike for needed repairs and maintenance issues.
  • Do not listen to music while riding your bike to hear your surroundings for safety reasons.

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