Preventative Steps to Avoid a Slip & Fall Injury

personal injury lawyer orlando flThe food and restaurant industry presents many situations that can result in a serious slip and fall accident. From the slippery kitchen where dishes are washed to carrying food and drink trays across the room, slip and fall accidents can result in bodily harm and permanent impairment. Below we list three preventative steps to avoid a slip and fall accident.

  1. To avoid a harmful slip and fall accident, we strongly recommend wearing non-slip footwear that is appropriate for the restaurant industry. Non-slip footwear is an excellent addition to your uniform because it helps alleviate falls during work and can protect your feet from harmful objects found in the kitchen.
  2. It is vital for restaurant owners to warn workers and guests of areas that are sloped or problematic, such as uneven stairs, with signs or warning cones. Additionally, restaurant owners should place caution cones around spills and messes that can result in a harmful slip and fall accident.
  3. We recommend hiring staff members that are solely dedicated to ensuring the kitchen of your restaurant is clean and safe for servers and staff.

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